I connect with the Wider World

Go outside!

We love our adventures in our community.

The children’s passion for animals and the farm has really supported them to notice and comment, remember, and recall, make links, and talk about experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

And they have been exploring the world so fully with their bodies as they have visited parks to climb and balance, stretch, and jump, coordinate, and collaborate.

Celebrating Uniqueness, Embracing Diversity

Hodan and Amal have been talking with us about Ramadan and celebrating Eid.

We have been making connections, exploring community, seeing each and every one of us as a valuable individual with personal histories, cultures, languages.

So many communities, so many connections.

For those of you celebrating Eid in a few days’ time – Eid Mubarak!

I am an Inspired and Inspiring Storyteller

We love stories!

We love books!

We love reading!

Going on a Bear Hunt is one of our Core Books.

Core Books are those story books that have brilliant language patterns – full of words that have great rhythm and rhyme, which have a certain energy and emphasis about them!

They are playful, colourful, inviting, and dynamic books that demand attention, retelling and invite us to be the exceptional and inspiring storytellers we all are!

Here’s Fi helping us retell Going on a Bear Hunt with shaving foam and slime, sticks and grass – a sensory retelling of an old favourite – connecting up the words and actions with our senses.

We are joining in with actions, joining in with words, moving to the swishy-swashy, stumble-trip, splash-splosh rhythm of the story.

Watch out for Hodan retelling the story on our YouTube channel.

Have you seen our new Core Book guidance?

It’s full of all of the books we read and revisit. And shows you all the different collections of books we are collecting that will help our love of words, our love of stories, our love of reading.

Take a look at our Core Book Guidance on our website.

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