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St Pauls Nursery School & Children’s Centre is an inclusive, creative learning community with a commitment to improving outcomes for all.
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Friday Messages

Our Friday Message – 23rd February 2024

This week, learn about Central Bristol Children’s Centre’s antenatal and parenting support. Discover the importance of Grouptime for children’s learning. Due to the recent wet weather, we advise you to provide spare clothes for their children. We’re also launching a Core Book Policy to enhance children’s literacy, with a special event planned for World Book Day on March 7th, 2024.

Our Friday Message – 9th February 2024

We’re excited to share this week’s Friday message with you!

Parents and families take a look at the What’s On guide from Central Bristol Children’s Centres, including parenting programs like the Incredible Years.

We appreciate everyone’s punctuality for Grouptime, which is crucial for our children’s learning.

Additionally, we invite our community to join the BIG TIDY UP in our garden space on the last Friday of every month, starting February 23rd.

Our Friday Message – 2nd February 2024

In this week’s Friday Message, we would like to learn more about your morning routines to help more children to arrive by 8:45am to attend Grouptime. Plus, learn about our Big Tidy Up and St Pauls’ Dental Practice is enrolling NHS patients!

News from St Pauls

News from the Rooms

News from the Early Years 2 Room – February 2024

News from the Early Years 2 Room – February 2024

In the Children’s Kitchen We have been confident chefs this term! The Children’s Kitchen deliveries have meant all sorts of weird and wonderful fresh produce has made its way to our pans and plates! We’ve been exploring, cooking and eating all sorts of vegetables from...

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News from the Nursery Room 1 – February 2024

News from the Nursery Room 1 – February 2024

Welcome … We have said goodbye to Chloe as she has started her Maternity leave. We will miss you Chloe and send you love and wish you well. Orange Group have welcomed Kirsty who will be in Nursery 1 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Kirsty has worked with us...

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News from the Baby Room 2 – February 2024

News from the Baby Room 2 – February 2024

Bubble! Bubble! Pop! We have been capitalizing on children’s natural curiosity and intuitive explorations.They are natural scientists! Observing, commenting, and communicating on what they notice and explore. The children have been wallowing and being immersed in...

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News from the Nursery Room 3 – February 2024

News from the Nursery Room 3 – February 2024

In nursery three we have been CONNECTING, COMMUNICATING, COLLABORATING. We are becoming COMPETENT AND CAPABLE. Children in nursery 3 have been focusing on building relationships and developing a strong sense of belonging through play. They have been noticing what...

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News from the Baby Room 1 – February 2024

News from the Baby Room 1 – February 2024

My family, My home Children have been telling us about their home life.Making links and bringing their own home experiences to their play as they feed, cuddle, carry babies.Small and intimate, cosy, and caring spaces have been found to help the babies relax, rest and...

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Ofsted - Outstanding!

We have achieved Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in both our Nursery School and Children’s Centre and are now a partner in BEYTC (Bristol Early Years Teaching Consortium) and ‘Centre of Excellence for Under 3s’.

Children thrive in the setting as a result of the stimulating curriculum and the support and challenge which adults provide. They are exceptionally well prepared to move to the next stage of their education.

Ofsted Report 2019

Leaders make sure that children learn in a highly supportive and caring environment. The nurturing relationships between adults and children and the organisation of daily routines help children to develop positive habits and attitudes to learning.

Ofsted Report 2019

Family Support

1:1 Family Support
Parenting Programmes
Training and qualifications for parents
Volunteer Programme

Early Education

Free Nursery Education Places for 3-4 yr olds
Free Daycare places for 2 yr olds who meet the governments criteria
Fee-paying Daycare places for babies, 2-3s
Afterschool clubs
Holiday clubs

Professional Learning Development

Training for EYs Practitioners
Train to Teach
Setting to Setting support
Study days


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