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St Pauls Nursery School & Children’s Centre is an inclusive, creative learning community with a commitment to improving outcomes for all.
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Friday Messages

Our Friday Message – 24th November 2023

Welcome to this week’s Friday Message from St Paul’s Nursery School! We have some exciting news and events to share with you on our website. If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020, you need to apply for a new reception school place by 15 January 2024. You can apply online or visit the schools you are interested in. We love Grouptime! It is a daily opportunity for your child to learn with their keyperson and peers. Join us for a festive celebration in our garden on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th December from 8:30am to 9:15am. To read more about these and other updates, please visit our website. We hope to see you soon!

Our Friday Message – 17th November 2023

Welcome to this week’s Friday Message from St Paul’s Nursery School! In this edition, you can discover how we support children’s playful explorations and learning in maths and reading through our curriculum displays and what the St Paul’s Promise is. You can also learn more about the brilliance of Grouptimes, which are daily sessions that foster children’s sense of belonging, group culture, resilience, reciprocity, and school readiness. Plus, you can find out how to book a theatre opportunity for children who are 3+ to see the Little Bulb’s Four Seasons, a “love letter to nature” at the Bristol Old Vic. And, finally, we kindly remind you to pick up your children promptly, as this supports their emotional well-being and routines, as well as our very busy work practitioners.

Our Friday Message – 10th November 2023

Here is our Friday Message for this week, where we share some news and updates from our nursery.

This week, we thank our families for their support on the closure, call for volunteers who can help us with the children’s activities, say goodbye to Em, who is leaving after 9 years, remind you to check your children’s pockets for any nursery resources, and appreciate our fab admin team who are always there for you.

News from St Pauls

Headteacher’s Update – 24th July 2023

Headteacher’s Update – 24th July 2023

Dear Parents and Carers, Lucy Driver, Headteacher Dear Parents Carers, I think we can’t quite believe it’s the end of the school year already for our nursery school children. We feel this year has gone especially quickly, but know your children are ready for their...

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News from the Rooms

News from the Nursery Room 1 – October 2023

News from the Nursery Room 1 – October 2023

I am a scientist! Blowing makes bubbles! We have been using all our senses for our scientific enquiry! Supporting the children to visit and revisit experiences we have built upon their natural curiosity and questioning to test and retest ideas, to experiment and...

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News from Nursery Room 3 (The Pod) – October 2023

News from Nursery Room 3 (The Pod) – October 2023

Eyes on the world – digital documentation! We are always fascinated by children’s fascinations! Documenting learning, following unique interests and travelling with children as they discover and explore, question and experiment, create and curate their many worlds,...

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News from the Baby Room 2 – October 2023

News from the Baby Room 2 – October 2023

Pop a little pancake into the pan! Children have really been making connections between home and here… with lots of imaginative play in the kitchen… stirring, pouring, mixing, baking. So we made our very own pancakes! Mixing up the flour and the milk together – just...

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News from the Baby Room 1 – October 2023

News from the Baby Room 1 – October 2023

Pop! Pop! Pop! Such natural inquisitive curiosity! We have been observing and noticing how the children have been observing and noticing! Asking questions and experimenting with cause and effect when blowing bubbles! By using all their senses to repeat actions and...

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News from Nursery Room 2 – October 2023

News from Nursery Room 2 – October 2023

Welcome to Nursery 2 – feeling claimed and connected! Lots of children have settled into Nursery and are becoming familiar with our routines, anticipating changes in the day and using our daily timetable to predict what is happening now and next! We notice how settled...

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Ofsted - Outstanding!

We have achieved Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in both our Nursery School and Children’s Centre and are now a partner in BEYTC (Bristol Early Years Teaching Consortium) and ‘Centre of Excellence for Under 3s’.

Children thrive in the setting as a result of the stimulating curriculum and the support and challenge which adults provide. They are exceptionally well prepared to move to the next stage of their education.

Ofsted Report 2019

Leaders make sure that children learn in a highly supportive and caring environment. The nurturing relationships between adults and children and the organisation of daily routines help children to develop positive habits and attitudes to learning.

Ofsted Report 2019

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