We are delighted to share our NEW Core Book Guidance with you.

Helping Children Read

We love books and want our book collections to ignite your child’s imagination and creativity.

Core Books are an essential approach to how children learn to read.

Core Books are a set of books that children read again and again and know really well.

We read Core Books again and again and again with children.

This helps them become really familiar and confident in practising the storybook language so that they can retell and reenact the stories, the characters and words to get them ready for reading.

Reading Core Books on YouTube

Please visit our YouTube channel to see practitioners reading some of our Core Books!


Tips and Advice

Please see some great tips and advice from the Booktrust website about sharing books and reading with your child.


Come and tell us your favourite children’s book – write it down on the Front Desk noticeboard.

Come on in and read stories with the children.

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