IMG_3680St Pauls offers outstanding learning experiences to your children from 5 months to 4 years.

Our provision for early education includes:

  • Early Years 1 – Our Baby Room, for babies up to 2 years
  • Early Years 2 – Our 2-3 years old space
  • Nursery School –  Our 2 rooms and studio space for our 3-4 year olds
  • The Garden – a shared outside space that is under development offering all children the opportunity to experience nature and sustainability together

Our children all benefit from learning in a well resources independent learning environment, with fully qualified and very experienced staff members. Our staff are all committed to the values and vision for St Pauls, they get to know all about you and your child – for example about what really interests you, or worries you, what and who is important to you, how you like to express what you are feeling or be communicated with. We pride ourselves on respectful and honest relationships.

Our staff have regular time to plan the learning, develop the environment, observe your children, monitor the provision and question or research things to find out more. They also have regular access to high quality professional development opportunities and are always learning new things themselves.

To help us to find out more about how your children learn and what excites or fascinates them our extended provision includes:


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