Into the Woods – Our Forest Experience

IMG_0705Pippa Hawkins, an experienced Nursery Teacher and Forest School Leader is employed 2 days a week to lead our woodland adventures.

We know from research, and from what we witness every day that we spend in the forest, that there are HUGE benefit to going out and learning in a natural environment.

These include:

  • Building higher levels of confidence and self-esteem in our children
  • Experiencing a different environment in different seasons
  • Learning to notice, appreciate & care for nature
  • Supporting physical development
  • Developing language and communication skills
  • Learning to explore risk
  • Sharing personal histories and experiences between children, parents and practitioners

We all behave differently in the woods, respond differently to the nature around us, the space, the elements and the opportunities the woodland provides – its really exciting to learn from these individual responses and make links between the woodland experiences and the provision we provide back at the nursery.

Often it’s the quietest of children or families that find their voice and sense of adventure outside. We love to see what happens!


What happens at Forest Experience?

Children usually visit the Forest in their key groups and always with their key person.

We aim for every child to have at least 5-6 weeks of Forest opportunities during their time with us.

You will be notified well in advance of when you child will be starting Forest Experience.

We hope that parents will join in this experience with us, it can be very magical.

The forest space we visit is local, in STOKE PARK, we all travel together on a mini bus, often taking with us our lunch that has been prepared earlier at nursery.

Each session is planned for the groups interests.

We will explore using all our senses, seeing, touching, smelling and hearing. We will learn how to stay safe and explore in a natural environment.

We will all listen, watch, gather, collect, build, share, compare, imagine, wonder, find out, explore…then plan in response to what we have found out together! Children learn at their own pace and adults carefully join children in their learning.

We look forward to welcoming you into our woodland adventures and that you will enjoy the experiences we provide together with your child.