Song and Music

In Early Years 2 we love to dance, sing, move and play!

We have been exploring sound, exploring pitch, exploring volume! (Loud! )

Piano, guitars, violin, and rain drum all make such different noises – such a delight of different sounds that we can change by hitting, striking, plucking, strumming, banging, tapping.

The piano has so many keys to explore. Lots of us have really enjoyed hearing the deep bass notes and listening carefully to the high sharp notes at the other end of the keyboard!

We have been making links in our learning, making connections with circle time songs and movement when we are in the new music room.

Do you play an instrument?

Would you come and play with us?

Cooking up a Treat

We are loving our Children’s Kitchen and spend most days baking, cooking, and exploring food.

It’s really important to make playdough for everyone and we’ve been following the recipe carefully to get the mixture right – not too sticky now!

Fareshare delivered so many bananas last week that we made lots and lots of banana cake – yum!

Do you like cooking?

Would you like to come and bake and cook with us?

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