In EY1 we provide fee-paying day care places for nine babies aged 3 months to 2 years.

The staff ratio is one practitioner to three children.

We have two part-time and two full-time members of staff, one of whom is an advanced baby practitioner.

We provide a safe and homely environment for our babies, with a separate sleep space, changing area and kitchenette. Healthy food is cooked and prepared on site. They have daily opportunities to play and explore outside and mix with older children if they choose to.

All children have a key person who is responsible for ensuring that children’s individual routines and needs are met and who work closely with parents and carers, ensuring warm and trusting relationships are established.

All activities are carefully planned to follow children’s interests and extend their learning. This planning is shared with you and there are regular opportunities to talk about how your baby is settling and progressing whilst they are with us.

A flexible approach within the Centre enables children to prepare for the transition to Early Years 2, with visits and open door sessions to support this.