Eid Mubarak to all our families who celebrated Eid at the beginning of this term. Nasrin supported our understanding of Ramadan and Eid through our shared experience at Big Circle time. Some of our children demonstrated how to pray, shared their understanding of Eid and talked about special clothes that they may wear.

Pattern and Mathematical Thinking

We have continued exploring mathematical concepts through pattern and block play. We have been noticing your amazing children deepen their understanding of repetition, symmetry, shapes and tessellation and even fractions as they construct, solve problems and create incredible patterns with loose parts.

Bubbles, Potions and Looking Closely

Blowing bubbles, making exploding cola bottles, creating bubbles in the water tray, making lemonade lava lamps. We have been finding out, looking closely and making connections. We have also started using our microscope to look at our world in incredible detail. Our skin, hair and clothes were really exciting. We have been capitalising on the flowers in our nursery garden to help us explore in a sensory way and to explore the world of spring and summer around us.

Mark Marking and Writing

Our fascination with writing has continued. Red group have been finding out about print in our environment by going for walks in our community to look for print, to take photographs and to post some letters home.

Going Out..

We have been going out into the community this term. We have been learning to be responsible as we buy fruit for Fruit Time at the local shops, posting letters to our families and finding print in the environment. Some of us have been to the woods too, finding sculptures and experiencing BIG open spaces.

Bristol Old Vic

What an amazing opportunity to get to know our friends at Bristol Old Vic. We worked with Chloe and Ben to create narratives, to become actors and to learn about being in the theatre. We performed on the Bristol Old Vic stage, how incredible. We are so proud and excited to have shared the experience of going to the theatre (on the PUBLIC bus!) with you all. Thank you for giving your time and sharing the experience with your children. It is so good to connect with you all in this way after such a long period of separation.

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