Goodbye Tree

The children have been having curious conversations, full of questions as they share feelings, experiences, and thoughts.

Children noticed the fence around our willow tree.

It sparked questions about why it had to be chopped down, and bigger conversations about nature, growth, life, and death!

We looked very closely at different parts of the tree and used cameras to document what we noticed.

The children did some observational drawings and talked about what they noticed before and after it was removed.

“The tree! Someone chopped it and snipped it! The tree was really big but now it’s gone!”

“They had to chop it because they had holes in the tree. I’m really sad about it. Are we gonna get another tree? We need to get a seed, put it in the ground, dig it and tap, then the tree will be back!”

Artists and Studios

We have skills to explore, design and make!

And out Studio has been turned into a huge white canvas!

Art students from the University of the West of England, Bristol came along to be artists alongside us.

Let’s make marks!

In fact, we are researching children’s mark making – their drawing, their writing, their painting.

We want to know more about “how children are using marks?”

Marks can be made for the pure physical joy of the experience.

Marks can be made to express the spoken word, tell a story, making thinking visible.

Marks can be made to create shapes and spaces, to create line and colour.

In the STUDIO the children used the space to make small intricate, intimate marks.

They used the space with their bodies, dancing and jumping across the space to make strong, big, dashing marks – dynamic scribbles full of energy and life!

Children have flourished in their mark making, as we have responded and valued their marks and creative confidence.

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