We Love BOOKS!

The joy and pleasure of reading, exploring and talking about books continues in Nursery.

We have spent a lot of time cuddled-up, in a group, perched on the sofa reading together and sharing our love of books.

Imogen is our Sound play Champion! She is helping us plan and develop our practice and provision around ‘best practice’ in helping children be “Ready-to-Read”.

“I am Ready-to-Read, playing with words and sounds, songs and rhymes” is one of our Curriculum Promises and we have not only been reading and sharing books, but “tuning our ears” into all sorts of musical sounds, body percussion and listening to the sounds in the garden.

Nursery 1 have been so so enthusiastic about learning the great rhythm and rhyme of our Christmas songs like Christmas Pudding and Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney!

Nursery 1 are keen to grow their book collections and have been using lots of non-fiction texts to ask questions about the world around them – such great researchers and readers!

The Brilliance of Blocks

Blocks are one of the most essential materials in our provision and provide such a dramatic, dynamic and provocative open-ended opportunity.

Children have been collaboratively constructing such complex structures, using all sorts of mathematical ideas, language and concepts.

Every day-problem-solving has been happening when children ask, “how can we make this tower bigger, stronger, taller?”, “what shapes are needed here?”, “can we use all the blocks to build… how many do we need?” …

Blocks are just so mathematically rich, giving the children real, first-hand concrete experiences of shape, space, measure – developing their spatial reasoning skills as they measure and estimate, tessellate and fit together, build symmetrically, explore lines and angles.

What amazing mathematicians they have been!

Big Bold Movers

The garden has been so windswept and waterlogged but with wellies and waterproofs on children have been big, bold movers and risk takers – their play full of climbing, balancing, crawling, jumping, dancing, stretching, spinning, hopping, splashing!

Tree house and tunnels have been great places to slide and hide, climb and challenge children to develop core strength, balance and learn how to ‘read’ and manage risk.

“I am a Big Bold Mover” is one of our Curriculum Promises and we have been supporting the children to explore ways of moving, use their body energetically and be adventurous as they rise to more and more physical challenges.

GO! Big Bold Movers!

Winter Celebration

“Let’s make decorations!” said Purple Group as they sat next to the Christmas Tree.

Lydia invited groups of children to learn how to make salt-dough, being absorbed in the cooking of it but also noticing the change in the material as it was oven-baked.

THANK YOU to all the children and families for sharing and creating our Winter Celebration together – it was so gently joyful to come together for a special shared winter breakfast and swing into the holidays with singing together in our Nursery Community. Thank you!

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