Bubble! Bubble! Pop!

We have been capitalizing on children’s natural curiosity and intuitive explorations.
They are natural scientists!

Observing, commenting, and communicating on what they notice and explore.

The children have been wallowing and being immersed in bubbles and water play, using all their senses as they delight in how things work and building their confidence in ‘finding out’ and asking questions.

What is happening to the bubbles as I pick them up?

What happens if I mix them with sand?

What happens when water is added, and more, and more and more?

The Wind and the Rain

More curiosity and questions outside.

More exploration of cause and effect!

Exploring materials and forces of rain and wind has been supporting more scientific enquiry.

Exploring puddles, splashing, and kicking to see how water moves when feet move!

And running through the bushes on a windy day, feeling the force of the wind move the leaves and move themselves!

Experimenting with our bodies!

Here the children have been using their confidence and familiarity with the ball pit to be mathematicians.

Physical mathematics!

They’ve been working hard at working out how their bodies might fit and feel as they plunge and squeeze and fold and bend to fit the different shapes presented to them by a changing sea of balls!

And finding objects to see how they might fit onto their bodies. The children have been “asking questions” about shape, space, and measure as they play with bracelets and their own toes!

Will this fit on my foot?

How many will fit?

This ‘spatial reasoning’ is essential learning in their mathematical development, learning in a very physical way what objects look and feel like in different spaces – including themselves!

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