Music! Music! Music!

Children continue to explore, experiment, communicate and collaborate around music.  We have been building on children’s singing and dancing, music making and instrument-exploration when developing our “music-rich” curriculum.

From Tan Teddy to Djembe-drumming to Drew’s Cello to Synth-Pop!  Music is everywhere!

Our community, our city, our world! 

Children have been exploring amazing woven art in the city – called Social Scaffolding Art Collective!  The Galleries have provided artists – Lou, Alyson, and Juliet – with a “pop-up” space to invite children and families to weave together, play together, make art together. Lou made a sculpture for us to sit in!

Have you been unicorn spotting yet?  We have found one outside our Community Centre and read all about it!  I wonder where the other unicorns might be?

Food and Fish!

We love to explore food!  Following on from our fabulous Food Festival we’ve been finding out all about fish!  Children have been using all their senses to touch, feel, taste and find out more about what makes a fish!

At the end of summer, we hope to harvest some of our crops.  I wonder what is growing in our allotment?

Making our Mark!

Early writing is so sensory, playful, exploratory!  Children have been telling us so clearly “let me make my mark”!  On logs, on floors, on pavements, on paper.  With paints and chalks, brushes, and sticks.  Such shapes and lines, such absorption and concentration, such meaning-making and value, such confidence and communication!

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