Pop a little pancake into the pan!

Children have really been making connections between home and here… with lots of imaginative play in the kitchen… stirring, pouring, mixing, baking.

So we made our very own pancakes!

Mixing up the flour and the milk together – just like when we made playdough with flour, water and crème of tartar.

We listened carefully to the spit and splutter and the sizzling of the mixture as we poured it into the pan.

And whilst adding raisins we talked about what we eat at home?

I wonder what your favourite food is?

In our garden

So many different things to see, touch, hear, taste, feel!

Did you feel the raindrops through the canopy and sail?

What insects did you see in the rainy weather?

How did the plants and stones and herbs feel?

Peek-a-Boo to you! Connections and Belonging in the Baby Room!

Connecting and belonging, having a place where you feel safe and know you are loved and valued and count, is at the heart of everything!

We have been welcoming lots of new children and families to the Baby Room and building those close, reciprocal relationships.

Peek-a-boo and Hide-and-reveal games help us make links with children around something disappearing and coming back – just like saying goodbye and hello to parents, carers and family.

Playfully warm, open and invitational, attuned and loving!

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