Pop! Pop! Pop!

Such natural inquisitive curiosity!

We have been observing and noticing how the children have been observing and noticing!

Asking questions and experimenting with cause and effect when blowing bubbles!

By using all their senses to repeat actions and predict the effect, children have been so absorbed, immersed and wallowing in being scientists testing and retesting their ideas.

And lots of talk about what they are seeing and experimentation with their mouths to represent the noises they think the bubbles are making – “Pop! Pop! Pop!”

Mirroring Musicality – imitation as building learning power

Tapping, hitting, banging!

Musicality is everywhere and we have been watching children mirror and imitate others sounds and musical experimentations with what sounds can be made.

We have been finding out what music children listen to at home and have been moving our bodies, waving ribbons and responding with guitar, drums, bells.

What music do you listen to at home?

Out and about

We are connecting with our many worlds!

Splashing in puddles, sliding in the park, connecting up with cooks!

We have been exploring our parks which have offered the children lots of brilliant risk-taking play, lots of opportunities to experiment with their bodies and be big bold movers!

We have been connecting with people in our community and the chef in the Saltfish Kitchen invited us to watch him cook!

The children made lots of links and connections with home, talking about food, families and travelling around their communities by bike and car – telling us all about the things they see, notice and know!

Going outside is such a great opportunity to ignite talk!

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