Out and About

The sheer joy and exuberance of going out into the world has brought delight, talk and curiosity to the children. We went to the local park and discovered the biggest swing! We went to the local shop to buy fresh flowers and soak up all the smells. And we went out into our big wide water-filled city! Looking at the docks, ducks and boats helped us use lots of talk about the sights and sounds we were immersed in!
We have also been looking out for diggers and work vehicles around the area – have you seen any on your way to Nursery?

The BIG Garden

We have loved being under the clouds and sky, feeling mud and sand on our hands and feet, digging deep and rolling fast! This big green tree-filled space has been helping children with confidence in moving around the Centre, building relationships with new children and new adults, and re-establishing connections with our friends in EY2!

Lovely Lovely Mess

We have loved exploring using all our senses! The feel and touch of paint and dough has given us lots to talk about as we explore the different textures and wondering about the marks we can create using our body, paint brushes, sticks and materials.

Welcome Ikram

And a BIG BIG welcome to Ikram, our new apprentice.

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