Welcome …

We have said goodbye to Chloe as she has started her Maternity leave. We will miss you Chloe and send you love and wish you well. Orange Group have welcomed Kirsty who will be in Nursery 1 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Kirsty has worked with us before, and we are delighted to welcome her back. We also welcome Charlie, a qualified teacher who trained with us at St Pauls, to nursery. Charlie will be supporting our creativity by leading provocations in the garden and in the classrooms. Maria has also joined us and will be working with us in the classrooms and leading our After-School Club. Welcome to you all.

Nursery 1 have also welcomed Green Group and their key person Thea to Nursery School. What a brilliant start Green Group! You have been learning to manage your feelings about the big transition from 2-3s, you are learning the routine of the nursery day and you learning to belong and contribute to a group. AMAZING learning.

Welcome to all the new children who have started with us in January. We are so excited and privileged to learn alongside you.


Nursery 1 have been wallowing and absorbing themselves in different sensory materials: water, sand, playdough, paint, and clay.

This has helped our self-regulation, allowed us to connect with others and find out about different materials. We have been using our bodies, rollers, and brushes to create BIG paintings. Collaborating and connecting.


Exploring clay! Using all our senses, mixing materials and media, being imaginative, connecting with others, raising questions, and making links.

Joining and Fixing

We have been developing our skills at designing, joining, fixing, and finishing. We use junk modelling to develop our fine motor skills, use our imagination and practice our absorption.

In room 1 this is an enduring interest, and our models are becoming increasingly complex and intricate.


In story time we have been learning all about bears: We’re Going on Bear Hunt, Goldilocks, and the Three Bears, Peace at Last, Where’s My Teddy?

We have been joining in with actions, using the story props to recreate and re-image, connecting with others through sharing a story, finding out about bears. We are Inspired and Inspiring Story Tellers.

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