Welcome to Nursery 2 – feeling claimed and connected!

Lots of children have settled into Nursery and are becoming familiar with our routines, anticipating changes in the day and using our daily timetable to predict what is happening now and next!

We notice how settled children are when they arrive for welcome time, feeling claimed by their key person.

Children are building relationships with their key person and beginning to build friendships with others, noticing who has similar interests and fascinations.

We love books – Ready to Read and being a confident storyteller!

Each term we will have a core story.

This term we have been learning ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘Shark in the Park’.

In our key groups we have been reading the stories lots and lots!

This has helped us to become familiar with the story language, joining in with repeated refrains and predicting what will happen next.

We have learnt actions to the stories and we have used story maps to retell the stories; this is when we draw the story instead of reading the book.

Some of us had a go at innovating the story, this means changing parts of it, for example the characters, the structure or the ending.

Yellow group created ‘There’s a snake in the park’. It had lots of objects that started with the ‘ssss’ sound, a sock, a slipper, some string and a snake!

There are story maps located outside our classroom if you would like to share the story with your child at home.

Out and About – unique opportunities, natural environments, playful provocations!

We have enjoyed being outside in the garden, rain or shine…Painting in puddles, splashing in puddles! Children across the centre have enjoyed dancing in the garden, moving their bodies in different ways and using their imaginations!

Blue group have been ‘out and about’ in the city!

They noticed a crane when learning in the garden and wondered where it was in our community. Children drew their own maps before setting of on a local walk to find it!

Blue group demonstrated lots of curiosity, raising questions and listening carefully to each other to find out more.

Blue group also went to Bristol Old Vic Theatre and playfully collaborated with some artists there in making and creating together to reflect on BIG IDEAS of belonging, contribution, connection and community!

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