We have been welcoming lots of new children and families to Early Years 2.

Our RESEARCH QUESTION is all about what we are observing and noticing about how children are connecting up with each other, empathising with each other, showing their reciprocity and relationships!

We have played Doctors and hospitals, been wrapped up in bandages, had temperatures taken and administered medicine… such care and attention! We have danced to our favourite songs and music, holding hands and imitating movements! We have travelled across the room with our giant snake… children holding on tight and inviting others to come along!

Children knowing, they belong and having a sense of connection to others is so so essential, supporting their sense of value, self-worth, confidence, relationships, and responsibility.

Children who are familiar and confident with the routines and spaces in EY2 have been so invitational to children who have just moved in, modelling and supporting, empathising, and caring for and showing them what it feels like to belong to and contribute to a group. Here they all are reading together with Fi, Thea, and Em!

We Love to Pretend

Welcome to our shop!

I wonder what you would like to buy?

Complex imaginative play and language are so intimately interwoven and in the familiar setting of a shop children have been busy making links with their many worlds and experiences out in the world.

Perhaps you could set up a shop at home?

I wonder what you will sell?

Paint and Mirrors and Similarities and Differences

We have been so so messy! And been unique artists and thinkers!

A sensory explosion of paint using all our senses to wallow in the colour, feel, look of our painting.

Children have used mirrors to see what they look like once painted!

And had lots of celebratory talk about what makes them the same and what is different and unique about themselves.

Green Fingers

We continue our journey from “plot to plate”.

Look at the beautiful brilliant rhubarb!

Come along to our Friday Garden club or donate plants and seeds.

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