In the Children’s Kitchen

We have been confident chefs this term!

The Children’s Kitchen deliveries have meant all sorts of weird and wonderful fresh produce has made its way to our pans and plates!

We’ve been exploring, cooking and eating all sorts of vegetables from sprouts to celeriac!
Such strong flavours!

Painting, Patterns, Printing

Children’s mark making is so unique isn’t it?

Bold blue brushstrokes!

Fine delicate marks!

Pools, splodges and splashes of water!

We have been really focused on making different lines, prints and patterns.

Seeing patterns and talking about what we notice is a really important mathematical skill to develop.

And pattern awareness is not only beautiful and emotionally satisfying but supports later maths in seeing patterns in numbers and shapes!

The Brilliance of Block Play

Blocks are such a fundamental part of the play in Early Years 2.

And here have been supporting our learning as scientists!

Building ramps and using cars has been a great little adventure into forces and cause and effect.

There has been a lot of testing and retesting as children have found which cars and which ramps create the best speed and distance.

Plenty of Building Learning Power has been demonstrated too!

Perseverance and planning, resourcefulness and revising, imitation and imagination!

Wallowing in water

We love to wallow!

And we love water!

Drains and guttering, tubing and funnels, colanders and sieves, spoons and cups, beakers and bowls have all helped us play and test with the water.

The children’s play has been full of questions!

What floats and sinks?

What happens to water when it travels down a pipe or through a sieve?

What colours can we make with paint in the water?

We do love water!

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