Trains, Planes, Boats, Buses, and Holidays…

With the summer holidays approaching lots of our children have been thinking about their summer plans and sharing their previous holiday experiences. They have been using our big blocks and loose parts to make their own transport… trains, planes, boats, and buses.  We have been thinking about, ‘where we have travelled?’ ‘What do we see on holiday?’ ‘Where do we go to visit our families?’. Some of our responses were…

“Visit my grandpa, he’s a long, long way away… he’s in Ghana”

“I know where we are going, we’re watching TV, so it takes a long time to get there… Sierra Leone”

“My family live in Germany and Ireland”

 “Seagulls and a snake” “peacocks” “tents”

The children have been so resourceful with their learning, they have worked collaboratively thinking carefully about their transport designs and using their imaginations to keep play going.

If your is returning to us in September and you wish to send in any holiday pictures for us to look at when we are back, please send them to

We are Mathematicians

During welcome time we have been practising finding the ‘cardinal value’- this means finding out ‘how many’ or the ‘total’. We have been carefully counting the registration cards, learning different methods to support careful counting; placing them in a line, using our fingers to point and count, tagging each picture with a number. We have also been thinking of different ways to represent number, using our fingers, the dice, and the numeral. This learning has also supported us to think about what happens when one more child arrives, supporting our sequenced counting.

Music Room

This term we have enjoyed time in the music room! From focused listening and attention games, exploring the instruments, to creating our own music and songs. We have been thinking about rhythm and creating a different pace, playing the instruments very quickly and playing them slow. We have been listening very carefully to each other’s patterns and imitating them back to each other. We have explored a range of instruments including a piano, keyboard, violin, drum, guitar, and claves.

Flower Cookies

The children have been motivated to design their own flower cookies using the different flowers picked from our garden. Carefully positioning flowers onto the dough, creating shops, and selling them to each other- what wonderful imaginations and creative hands!

Out and About

Yellow group enjoyed some more ‘out and about’ experiences with Concetta. We visited Windmill Hill, local parks, and the woods. Some of us are now experts in climbing the trees and the playground equipment. We found lots of different insects when we were at the woods, so many worms! We enjoyed sharing picnics together and some of us put on a performance on the stage at Windmill Hill.

All of the Nursery 2 team would like to say GOODBYE and GOODLUCK to all the children and families who are transitioning to school. The children have been amazing, such resourceful, resilient, and motivated learners. We look forward to welcoming back children in September and meeting our new children and families.

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