News from Nursery School Room 1


Room 1 have been developing our mathematical understanding through exploration of pattern. We have been capitalising on a range of resources to help us COPY CONTINUE AND CREATE pattern. With blocks and loose parts, with numbers, with mark making. We have found our pattern experts in the room and imitated their skill and knowledge. We have used the workshop to create collaborative collage, covering the box with fabric and paper.

Observing and Raising Questions

We have been developing our scientific enquiry skills and using talk as we have been experimenting, observing, and commentating.
Some of us have developed a fascination with the water: BIG exploration with the whoosh of water travelling in the guttering, the splash in our wellies, funnels, and pipes. Some of us have been exploring the Small-scale exploration: transferring water with tiny spoons into tiny bottles, using pipettes and creating ‘one thousand million bubbles’.
Concetta has helped us experiment in the garden with Cola and Mentos, volcanoes in the sand with baking soda and vinegar, and raisin and lemonade lava lamps.
We have been raising questions about tadpoles too as we care for them in our classroom. Will they grow? What will they eat? Will they jump? Are they black fish?

Mark Making and Writing

We have noticed a growing fascination with writing and mark making in room 1. We have been developing deep absorption as we practice making marks and forming letters. We have written letters to friends too and posted them. I wonder when they will arrive at our homes?


We continue to work in the woodwork area to practice our skills with real tools as we create sculpture and functional pieces. Your children have been so immensely proud with their work and are always keen to come back to the room with it and then to take it home. They have been developing a range of skills to do this, perhaps most importantly a sense of pride, self-confidence and achievement.

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