Making Sounds

We enjoyed our visit from Drew and Paco and Tan Teddy… so inspiring!                                             

The babies joined in dancing and clapping to the music.  I wonder what sounds you can make with your hands? 

Drew and Paco made us so curious, and we explored and enjoyed making sounds with the cello and guitar.

We also found interesting objects to make sounds with!  Can you see the tube?  What sounds do you think you can make with a tube?

Big, Bold Movers… Dancing, Stretching, Twirling!

The children have a strong impulse to respond to what they hear by using their bodies, making big bold movements.

Twisting and twirling!  Stretching and sliding!  Twirling and Dancing!

The different sounds and rhythms made by the musicians and their instruments really sparked the children’s confidence to use their bodies fully.  

Ribbons and Scarves helped us dance and move too!

Drumming and Banging!

WOW! Soooo loud with beaters!  So quiet with fingertips! 

We have been exploring the big drums and the different sounds they make as we play the skins with all sorts of things… beaters and fingers, palms, and drumsticks… 

We wonder how you are going to play the drums?

Home Song

We have been sharing our favorite songs and music from home with our everyone in Baby Room 1.

We wonder what songs you sing at home?

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