We have been getting to know your amazing children better this term as they have become more confident in their Nursery environment. Children have been making connections and friendships based on shared interests. They have a deeper understanding of our daily routine which makes them feel safe and in control. Children have been using sensory exploration to access absorption using paints, water, sand, bubbles, play dough, and corn flour! Exploring how they have changed and manipulated materials with their bodies.


Children have been making connections and collaborating in their play this term. In Nursery room 1 we have been using paint sticks to make big colourful collaborative paintings which we have displayed in our classroom – seeing the art we made together makes us feel proud. We have also been collaborating in the garden challenging our physical development by building obstacle courses with the crates and blocks in the garden. Every Monday morning, we have been working together to make the play dough, practicing our turn taking skills and collaborating to mix the ingredients together. We have shared the play dough we made with our whole class!


As the days got colder, the fire has offered opportunities for being outside and being together. Purple group have been having a fire every week which is then extended out to all children in Nursery during explore time. We have been using the fire to cook our toast and porridge in the morning. We have seen lots of noticing of the changes as the wood burns and flames create smoke. Purple group have become experts at knowing how to stay safe near the fire, they have shared this with other children when they come to visit the fireside.


We have been using story to support language. Walking through the Jungle and Mud Walk have been building on our knowledge of animals and the sounds they make. They have offered opportunities for us to predict the narrative and join in with repeated reframes. Orange group have been re-enacting the story in their play in the garden pretending to be “Stuck in the Mud!” and using imaginary ropes and tractors to pull each other out! We have also been telling The Gingerbread Man and have had a go at making our own gingerbread men which we shared with our friends.

Den Building

This term has seen a fascination with den building. Children are being resourceful finding blankets and materials to build quiet, cosy spaces in the book corner. They have been using the dens to share stories and quiet time together. There has been interest from so many children that we decided to collaborate and build a huge den in the middle of the classroom using all the blankets we could find! We used this space to read books and be cosy together.

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