We are Builders, We are Creators!

Mathematics and creativity go together so well!

Developing children’s SPATIAL REASONING, their understanding of size and magnitude, perspective and distance, scaling, and appearance are all essential skills and knowledge in mathematics.

And mathematics is essential isn’t if for builders, architects, engineers, scientists!

Look at us trying to recreate the Eiffel Tower! It’s tall, isn’t it?

Collaboration and cooperation, negotiation and sharing ideas, perseverance and learning from mistakes – all our Building Learning

Power skills – were needed to cut, stick, join, decorate and finish our enormous models!

Making Art with Artists

We invited some art students from the University of the West of England to come and draw with us.

We made such enormous marks across huge pieces of cardboard, using our bodies to stretch and jump and spin and run to see what would happen to the marks we made.

We made intricate, tiny, spidery marks that overlapped, covered and layered upon each other, that dissected and cut through the blocks of shapes and colours we made.

We made marks from chalk and paint and crayons and pencils.

We made patterns, shapes, lines.

Then, we lit our work with projectors and light boxes.

We created shadows and projections.

And drew on top of those.

To explore and play, to experiment and compose, to wallow!

Out and About at the Library

A love of books is part of our Curriculum.

And connecting with the wider world is one of the St. Paul’s Promises.

Part of our Ready-to-Read curriculum children have been making regular visits to our local library.

Thank you St. Paul’s Learning Centre.

We got our own library card so St. Paul’s Nursery could borrow books from St. Paul’s Library!

Children made connections with each other over shared interests, sharing their love of facts and stories, building a love of books and reading.

Come and join us on one of our Library visits. We’d love you to come along and read with us. And maybe borrow a book yourself!

Our ‘100’ Languages – Creativity, Communication, Imagination

The Reggio Emilia Schools in Northern Italy talk about children’s learning and creativity as ‘100 languages’ and ‘a hundred hundred more’!

Children are so creative, expressive and imaginative, aren’t they?

In Nursery 1 we have been returning again and again to painting.

Wallowing and immersing ourselves, repeating and refining our work.

Have you seen the amazing watercolours?

Thick lines, blobs and blocks of colour!

Thin threads made by the thinnest of brushes!

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