This term we have welcomed new children into Nursery Room 1. We have got to know Orange Group B and some new children in Red Group. Welcome to all of you, it has been a joy to learn alongside you this term and to see you settle into Nursery School, making new connections and trying out new experiences. We have noticed you have a particular interest in building with the big blocks, collaborating together to construct!

Out and About!

Purple group have been out and about this term exploring Bristol in our minibus. They enjoyed being together out in the forest, building confidence as they explored in nature. Learning outside was a great opportunity to tune in to our noticing skills, noticing the crispy grass with frost on the ground and the squelchy mud. Purple Groups experiences at the farm ignited lots of talk about the animals that children recognised and making links to our Core Book Mud Walk. Purple Group also loved visiting the Museum where they looked at dinosaur fossils and animals from around the world! Purple Group then came back into the classroom and used photographs to ignite conversations about their experiences and reflecting on their learning. Red Group will be going out and about the first two weeks back after half term!

Bulbs Inspiring Curiosity

We have been developing our scientific enquiry skills and using talk as we have been experimenting, observing, and commentating. The bulbs in our classroom have ignited lots of curiosity, wondering, predicting, and noticing change. They have generated lots of questions “What is inside here?” “Are they green beans?” “Is this an onion?”

Noticing Our Shadows

Children have been noticing their shadows as the light comes into the classroom. First, we danced and moved out bodies noticing how we could change the shape of our shadow. We they used our light box to continue exploring with light and shadow, noticing how objects from our classroom that have holes cast a shadow with holes in. We talked about how shadows don’t have colour and wondered why this might be. We have been following this scientific enquiry and will continue this learning into next term.

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