Making Tzatsiki

We have been going on a learning journey with our planted herbs.

We planted some herbs a month ago and decided we wanted to make Tzatsiki to dip our breadsticks in.

The children have been watering the plants and caring for them since we planted them, we noticed the mint has grown so we picked some sprigs and took them to the kitchen where we chopped it, using out senses to smell, taste and touch.

We grated some cucumber and mixed it with spoonfuls of yoghurt to create a yummy dip.

What a lot of change our mint went through to help make our Tzatsiki!

Stories and Cars and Ramps!

Have you ever read “Dig Dig Digging”?

It’s got great sounds in it!

“Swoosh, swoosh, swooshing!”

“Squelch squelch squelching!”

“Whirr, whirr, whirring!”

We have been soooooo interested in the different noises cars and trucks and vans and bikes make. We have been really “tuning our ears” to their sounds when we are “out and about” in St. Paul’s!

We love listening to and playing with sounds.

Did you know this is an essential part of getting ‘Ready-to-Read’?

The Dig Dig Digging book has great props and the children have been experimenting and exploring with toy vehicles, zooming them down the ramp, noticing the impact of different forces on the speed and distance they travel. So much surprise and talk about “fast” and “slow”.

Come on in and read Dig Dig Digging!

Or come and join us in being scientists exploring forces!

Making Marks in the Garden

We have been noticing marks.

We have been making marks.

We have loved the marks!

This ignited and sparked talk about colour and lines, about similarities and differences.

Using canvas has meant the babies have been building upon marks they have already made, layering and overlapping marks, noticing the different lines, shapes, textures and ‘look’ created by pens, paint, pencils and paint sticks.

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