Researching Children Researching the World!

We have been fascinated by children’s fascinations!

We have been wondering about the importance of “Monster Trucks” to the children’s play, to their sense of belonging, connections to each other, their sense of identity and developing of themselves as “knowledgeable experts”.

The Monster Trucks have been an incredible ‘tool’ for children’s complex imaginary play, shared attention and high levels of engagement and absorption.

They have created all sorts of stories and narratives as have transported the trucks around the garden, built a monster truck car wash, created a racing track in the sand.

And all the time sharing in their expertise in the design, make, purpose and capabilities of Monster Trucks!

Our “research question” has asked what importance the trucks have been playing in the children’s world here at Nursery – and we see all of the “crucial c’s” writ large – with children showing us that they COUNT, they are CAPABLE, they are CONNECTED.

We are Inspired and Inspiring Storytellers

We are really “tuning our ears” to the sounds around us, to the sounds and words in books, and to the way stories have a rhythm.

Have your read PEACE AT LAST?

We know it so so well!

It’s so full of great sounds “NYAAOW!” “HMMMMMM!” “TOO-WHIT-TOO-WHOO!”

Here is our STORYMAP that helps us know and remember.

We know the words, the events, characters, beginning and ending of the book so well we can retell it, innovate it and even invent our own story based upon it.

We love story and love PEACE AT LAST.

We are Volcanologists!

Do you know anything about volcanoes?

Do you know what volcanoes look like?

Do you know what “erupt” means?

Children have been asking these questions and researching the answers by looking at non-fiction books, talking to other children and making ( and exploding! ) volcanoes from the sand!

Watch out!

A volcano is erupting!

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