Firstly we would like to welcome Alice and Molly to the team.

At the end of the summer we were able to use the minibus to take the children on a visit to the Arnolfini. The children really enjoyed exploring the outdoor surroundings as they walked through the harbourside and over the bridge, looking at all the boats. There was lots of interest in the artwork; the children really noticing the different textures and excited to see a picture with toy spiders!

We would like to welcome all of our new children currently settling in EY2. We have noticed a big interest in exploring large physical spaces; including rolling down the hill in the garden, moving our bodies in different ways, using the large building blocks to build obstacle courses and collaborating with peers to extend our interests in transportation by building different vehicles. This seems to be really supporting the children to build relationships with each other and the adults in the room.

There has also been lots of sand play. The children have been really absorbed in digging big holes with lots of wondering about

what happens when we add water!

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