Outside in our Wonderful Garden

This term we have embraced the snow, rain, and sunshine in the garden! Noticing how the environment is changing as we move into spring.
Some of us have been planting beans, sunflowers, peas, and cress; sharing our knowledge and making sure we give them water and sunshine.
The rain hasn’t stopped us from being outside instead we have got ‘stuck in’ with the opportunity’s rainy days offer… splashing in BIG muddy puddles, using our imaginations in the mud kitchen to create tea parties with the sloshy mud and crafting mud faces.
Also, lots of opportunity for searching for wriggly worms, slugs, woodlice, and snails!

Food! Food! Glorious Food!

We have had weekly deliveries of different ingredients for our children’s kitchen; Nursery 2 children have been busy exploring them.
We have made banana smoothies, a variety of different spiced potatoes wedges- garlic, mixed herbs, turmeric, paprika and Cajun.
Some of us thought the Cajun spiced ones were too hot, some of us couldn’t get enough, what a tasty snack time!

Supertato to the Rescue!

Nursery 2 have been fascinated with the story collection ‘Supertato’.
They have been inspired by the super veggies and has spent lots of time persevering in the workshop area creating their own superhero masks.
Children have been learning new skills, cutting around edges, learning how to make eye holes, measuring string long enough to fit around their heads- so much reasoning and thinking involved.
They have also had to use their detective skills in the garden to find ten evil peas that were hiding. Children were recognising numerals, carefully counting the spots to find the total and then marking them off on their clipboards by matching- such fun and collaborative detective work.

Out in our World!

Concetta has been inviting us to explore our world in the minibus!
Adventures in the park supporting Building Learning Power! Our learning full of perseverance, risk taking, making links and imitation. Our learning full of climbing, stretching, running, balancing as we “boing!”, “whoosh!” and “roly-poly!” around!
And at the farm we have found animals to meet and talk to!

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