How does it feel?

“I use all my senses… for scientific enquiry!”

How does the foam smell? How does it feel?

It feels different when we mix it with water, sand, mud, and sticks.

It’s so slimy in the ‘tuff tray’, so gritty mixed with sand.

How does it stay on our fingers?

Have you noticed how it changes shape?

So many questions, so many experiments to test, so many things to discover!

Using all our senses!

Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud!

We have been enjoying our kitchen so very much!

Big Bold Movement is one our St. Paul Promises.

And the children have been using their WHOLE BODIES to carry, spread, mix, make, scatter, soak and squeeze the mud!

We have been observing the children Building Learning Power and supporting their curiosity about cause and effect; their capitalising on what pots, pans, spades, and spoons are best for mixing and scraping; their perseverance in filling and carrying, lifting, and pouring heavy buckets full of mud!

Have you noticed how wet soil creates a great texture for painting with?

The children have experimented with how to make marks with soggy mud using sticks, spades, and spoons.

We do love mud!

Our Natural World

Have you smelled all the herbs in our garden?

We love the mint and chives and parsley.

We love the rosemary, sage and thyme.

Have you seen the flowers growing at the front of the school?

We have picked and played with them.

And put them in our playdough!

Our curriculum talks about caring for our natural world and developing the children’s noticing skills has been an important experience for understanding the natural world around them.

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