Dear Parents and Carers,

Wishing Eid Mubarak to the many families that are celebrating Eid today.

I hope everyone is keeping cool at home? As you can imagine it’s very hot in nursery – so lots of water play in the shade and playing with ice going on here.

Please remember the sun cream and sun hats for your children.

Nursery School and Holiday Club

The closure news is that, due to further staff contracting Covid, the staff bubble now needs to continue to self-isolate until Friday 23rd July.

Holiday club will restart from Monday 26th and will be happening in our POD, so please drop off and collect from the top gate and entrance.

I hope families have been contacted directly about this.

The Nursery School have been meeting and training virtually this last week and have been working on getting some closure for you and your children:

  • Telephone conferences that have not happened will still be timetabled to take place with your key worker
  • Your key worker will be putting a goodbye message in the post for your child
  • There will be a recorded zoom link sent to you by lunchtime today, so that you can see the team all saying goodbye to everyone

The zoom meeting will be a recorded one – because we feel it is really important that the children get to see every key person’s face!


The children are accessing the baby room and places in EYs2 as normal over the summer period, and our team are just great at responding to individual needs and experiences.

However, we must inform you that we are now reaching a critical point with staffing as so many of our team are having to self-isolate.

This additional factor, on top of staff annual leave or sick leave means we are getting very very stretched to cover our ratios.

Because of this, it is highly likely that we will be having to call you over the summer period to cancel nursery on some days, if and when we have more staff self-isolating. I apologise in advance for the inconvenience this may cause.

Please can I ask that you also inform us if your family is going into isolation, or of any other reason that may mean you will not be bringing your child to nursery?

The rate of positive Covid cases is at an all-time high in St Pauls right now.

Despite the changes in Government guidance for Schools, as I have stressed before, St Pauls Nursery will be continuing to manage our provision in bubbles and also requesting the wearing of masks and social distancing at nursery.

Please help us to make this happen at drop off and pick up times, and please do not send your child to nursery if they or any family member are ill.

The reality is that if we have to close, it will cause huge inconvenience for our families, but we will also lose significant income which will impact our sustainability.

We are desperately trying to keep ‘covid free’ in nursery.

Thanks again for your understanding and support.

Leadership at the moment is so very challenging, it feels that almost every month we are having to make decisions that contradict our core values and commitment to relational learning and collaboration with our families and the wider community.

‘Loving transitions’ have been particularly affected by Covid – for our children, families and staff members as people leave or move on. For everyone affected by this, you are in our hearts.

I will be around for most of the summer and will keep you updated on any changes.

Please stay safe and well as the country is reopening.

Kind Regards

Lucy Driver
Headteacher and National Leader of Learning

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