Welcome Children, Welcome Nicky and Emily

As we continue to welcome new children and their families to the St Pauls family, we also welcome back Nicky and Emily from their maternity leave.

Connecting Through Our Senses

This month the children have shown a real passion for connecting to the world around them, using their senses to explore and learn about what they discover.

The weather has given us plenty to investigate, children are fascinated by the hardness of the sand, coldness of the ice and how and where it comes from?

This scientific enquiry continues inside over the month, exploring water, shaving foam, paint and food with the same inquisitive minds.

Connecting and forming strong attachments has been a focus for all children in the two’s, using these sensory experiences has allowed them to build self-confidence and notice other children absorbed in similar play.

We would love to hear about what you have noticed at home, and we look forward to seeing how this interest develops over the following month.

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