Our core stories continue to bring children together. This term we learnt ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and ‘Shark in the park!’ We have LOVED acting out Goldilocks in story square and creating puppet shows. Some of us have had a go at creating our story maps and as a class we innovated the story to ‘The 3 witches and the Dragon!’.

Noticing Changes in the Environment

It has been a very chilly term and we have noticed how our environment changes when the weather is colder. We have been scientists in the garden using magnifying glasses to look closely at the ice and notice fine details using talk to share our ideas. Our investigations continued as we tested our ideas, bringing the ice into the classroom finding different ways to melt the ice!

Out and About

This term Yellow Group were ‘out and about’ with Concetta exploring the woods, the farm, and our local community. Running and rolling through the squelchy mud, climbing, and crawling over and under the trees, thick sticks, thin sticks, short sticks long sticks- so much mathematical thinking and comparison. We even found a paw print in the woods- did it belong to daddy bear?

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