What another amazing term, we are blown away with how resilient the children continue to be. The children are familiar with the environment and our daily routines, they have built strong trusting relationships with their key person and other adults in the room and many are beginning to build relationships with other children who share similar interests. Lots of noticing, observing, imitating and becoming experts!

Out and about

Green group have been out and about exploring in the community visiting the park, the woods and the farm. They have been learning about road safety when walking to the local park to feed the birds. The children have shown curiosity, asking questions and then continuing their research at group times looking at non-fiction books from our library. It has been great to see them feel ignited, free and joyful, together as a group. Thank you to families who were able to join us.

Imaginative play

Lots of children have been using their imaginations to act out things from their experiences. Children have been creating narratives, responding to each other and building on each other’s ideas. There has been lots of collaborative play.

The children have enjoyed playing hairdressers and pretending to be makeup artists. Using their imaginations to ‘paint’ each other’s faces and having a go at styling each other’s hair using a hairdryer, hair brush, bows and clips. Children are noticing difference within each other, different colour eyes, different texture hair and different colour skin. We have been encouraging the children to celebrate what makes them unique!

Core stories

This term our core stories have been ‘The Gingerbread Man’ ‘Walking through the Jungle’ and ‘ Mud Walk’. Children have become really familiar with the texts through lots of repetition of reading the story, using props to act out the story, learning actions and creating story maps. Some children have even been authors and innovated the stories, changing the characters and words- amazing.

Children have also had the opportunity to be in our kitchen baking their own gingerbread biscuits at group time. Lots of measuring, mixing and collaborating!


We have been learning about different celebrations including Christmas and Hanukah. Children have been holding people in mind as they design cards and make presents and decorations.

One of our parents came into Nursery to share their family traditions when celebrating Hanukah. Some of us had a go at using a special candle called a ‘shamash’ to light the eight candles on the ‘menorah’- a special type of candle holder. As we lit them we sang a blessing! We also had a go at playing ‘dreidel’ a traditional Jewish game- it was such fun, thank you for sharing your traditions and including us!

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