Adventures in our Community

We have been enjoying the park… even in the cold!  Lots of opportunities to have BIG BOLD MOVEMENTS!  We love to BOING!  WHOOSH! ROLY-POLY!

We know how much MOVEMENT MATTERS and have been supporting the children’s physical confidence, control and coordination as they spin, rock, swing, bounce, jump and slide!

Winter Parade preparations

We have been continuing to support children build their learning power, particularly resourcefulness, resilience and reciprocity.  We have seen so much absorption, concentration and managing distractions from the children, as they have remained focused on the task they want to achieve.  Here you can see them designing and making Christmas Crowns, Winter hats and decorations for the Winter and Christmas celebration – so much determined and satisfied absorption! 

Cook-up in the Kitchen!

Tamar has been leading the learning in the Children’s kitchen over the last few weeks – full of cutting, collaboration and confidence!  Joyful exploration of food!  Lovingly prepared and baked biscuits!  Mixed, made and tasted!  Watch out for more food adventures in 2023. 

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