I know I am a great learner

Children have been showing curiosity and a strong exploratory drive!

Such independence and resourcefulness as they capitalise on the resources and environment around them.

Such wonderful absorption and agency as they investigate how they can use the resources, test ideas, use their senses to explore and think critically about the cause and effect of forces and materials!

What happens to the sand if we add water?

What happens if we add bubbles too?

How can we collect and carry the water?

What is the best tool for the job?

Will this work?

Will this fit?

Strengthening Resilience, Taking Risks

Children have been so determined to challenge themselves as they set out to complete a task, follow a plan, explore a material, make something happen or work.

Important challenges and trying new things are risks in learning, aren’t they?

With all these explorations we have been developing our independence in play and combating new challenges like, navigating obstacles, heights, and positions.

We have taken risks and strengthened our resilience by learning to control big and small body movements in order to achieve our goals – that paint is so tricky to squeeze isn’t it!

I Belong

We have also loved connecting as a group.

We’ve looked at photographs of ourselves, photographs of our families, talked about what we do with our families at home and the weekends.

We’ve contributed and participated as a group – we have made choices about our snacks, helped lay the table and trolleyed the trolley back down to Lisa in the kitchen!

We have dance and sung together!

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