News from the Early Years Room 2

In Two’s this month we have been enjoying getting out and about into the big wide world.

Exploring large open spaces where children have the opportunity to run and take the lead on directions and pace of travel. Winding our way through woodlands and across the Downs starting to notice landmarks and features within the environment.

We have also been visiting exhibitions seeing things from new perspective and sharing in new experiences together. Visiting the farm, the bakery and at the beginning of the month the light exhibition which was spread throughout the city.

Trips out into the community and local areas supports building strong trusting relationships between children and adults as well as empowering children to have a strong sense of self and belonging as well as place.

To continue this provocation within the nursery environment we have been looking at maps and been talking about journeys. Threading the language of position and direction through imaginative role play shops and petrol stations in the garden and using masking tape to map out roads and journeys for small world play inside.

Towards the end of the month, we started to notice lots of children using the white boards to record and make sense of their learning, using lots of language to communicate to each other and making their thinking visible.

We can’t wait to see how this learning continues and in which direction it will take us.

We would all like to take this opportunity to wish all our families celebrating Ramadan Kareem and we look forward to seeing all the photos of your celebrations.

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