I am a scientist! Blowing makes bubbles!

We have been using all our senses for our scientific enquiry!

Supporting the children to visit and revisit experiences we have built upon their natural curiosity and questioning to test and retest ideas, to experiment and speculate “I wonder what if…”

I wonder what you can find out about when blowing bubbles?

I wonder what you notice?

Can you hypothesise and predict? What will happen if you blow really hard?

Maths is everywhere! Construction as Spatial Reasoning

Can you see the similarities and differences in the shapes used in this incredible construction?

Can you talk about the describe them in terms of length, size, weight? Can you compare them with each other?

Can you see “shapes-inside-shapes” – how these blocks are composed of so many different 2D and 3D shapes?

Big Bold Movers!

We have been so confident and adventurous outside.

We have been rising to physical challenges and taking risks!

We have been developing our core strength, our balance, our agility.

We have been confident to BOING! – hanging upside down, bouncing, skipping, hopping!

We have been confident to WHOOSH! – running, stopping, zooming!

And we have been out in all weathers!

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