Food Exploration

As part of the “Children’s Kitchen” project the children have explored a range of interesting and unusual fruit and vegetables. They explore through touch, taste, smell and sound as well as peeling, tearing leaves, picking out seeds, crunching and learning to chop safely with a knife.

We have also made omelette to link children’s experiences with home and their role play.

We have recently started cooking food at our fire pit and the children are gradually getting used to this new experience.


We have set up paint exploration on a big scale, at the table or on the floor. Each child expresses themselves differently through painting, using their hands, roller, scrapers and brushes to discover what they can do with paint.


We have been listening to world music as a provocation to move and to listen to sound [guitar, drumming, Samba, Reggae, Bollywood music etc.] The children show us which music they like by how they respond to it, spinning, clapping, swaying rhythmically, stomping, wiggling, nodding, waving ribbons or scarves or observing. We have loved noticing how they express their musicality, their sense of rhythm and awareness of pulse or beat.

We join in with them, imitating them and introducing new ideas like changing speed or stopping and starting.

We have a wide range of musical instruments and the children explore these individually or together and sometimes we collaborate in a fantastic jamming session.

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