We are finally reaching the end of 2020! A year we won’t forget for a very long time, and a year which I think will have an impact on the way we behave and live now for years.

Despite the circumstances, the children have had some very wonderful learning experience this year. The settling period was well structured and very supportive, so they have settled brilliantly and struck up some lovely trusting relationships with the adults and children in their rooms. The planning for outdoor learning, cooking, food exploration, using the fire pit etc has ensured they have had some really interesting and new learning opportunities. And our smaller groups/classes are working really well in supporting their sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Your children are remarkable, joyful, and help us to stay focused and feel hopeful. Thank you for trusting us with them and choosing St Pauls. Looking at the world through the eyes on a 1, 2, 3 yr old, means it is always full of energy, adventure, curiosity and opportunity! We are so lucky to work with young children!

Lucy, Headteacher

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