Getting Ready for Christmas

Baubles and paperchains galore have helped children talk about experiences from home, making links and connections to experiences here.

The tree was lit, the songs rehearsed, the bells ringing, and we made ourselves ready to invite parents, carers and families into Baby Room for crumpets, oranges and stories and songs.

Thank you to all the families for sharing in this gentle celebration of joyful community! And for bringing along singing voices to join in with Christmas Pudding, Jingle Bells and Santa Got Stuck!

Fascination and Interest in Cars

“I use all my senses to engage in scientific enquiry” is one of our St. Paul’s Curriculum Promises.

The children have been so very absorbed in and fascinated by the forces involved in car play!

Rolling, pushing, pulling and testing the cars on different surfaces and observing carefully how the cars go down slides and ramps, has helped children examine and explore ‘forces’ and ‘materials’.

Lots of talk about driving, journeys and how different children arrive at Nursery has supported children to make links with different experiences and make connections with each other.

Noticing and observing, testing and experimenting, talking and communicating ideas and thoughts are all part of the children’s developing scientific enquiry.

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