My family, My home

Children have been telling us about their home life.
Making links and bringing their own home experiences to their play as they feed, cuddle, carry babies.
Small and intimate, cosy, and caring spaces have been found to help the babies relax, rest and sleep.
Children have been inviting each other into gentle collaborations to take care of the babies together – working together to cloth, feed and play with them, sharing baby toys and bottles!
Perhaps the children have been reflecting on themselves as babies as they respond to talk about and point to and eyes, nose, and mouths.

Movement-rich, Risk and Challenge!

We have been investigating risk and challenge!
Absorption and perseverance with pushing buggies around the room has led to some children offering risk and challenge by building ramps from the blocks.
Balancing and building!
Pushing and pulling!
Lifting and learning together!
The blocks have been arranged and rearranged, built and rebuilt so that balancing and buggy-driving has had to be done along different routes – tricky learning!

Song and Play, Rhyme and Repetition

We have been inviting new children and families into the room.
Welcome all!
The kitchen has helped children feel familiar with their new space, imitating home life and making links here at Nursery.
And we have been singing and rhyming with them as they cook, make and play – “Chop, chop, choppity, chop… chop off the bottom and chop off the top… what we have left we will put in the pot! Chop, chop, choppity chop!”
Playing with words and sounds, songs and rhymes all help children be ‘ready-to-read’.

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