We are now making progress with updating our website with the intention of enrichening our communication with you.

Due to our COVID risk assessments and responsive ways of working we are painfully aware that you never get to see what goes on in Nursery.

You don’t see how the nursery is set up at the start of the day in a way to invite the children in and help them connect. You don’t see the exciting provocations or learning experiences that are on offer to support your children’s curiosity, confidence and new learning, and you don’t get to see how we document and display the children’s learning and our own thinking. We miss your feedback!

Equally, we have no chance to capture what you bring through our doors, your uniqueness and brilliance and what is going on in your home.

With this in mind we are firstly adapting our website to include:

  • ‘News from our Rooms’ — which will be updated fortnightly
  • Our termly Newsletter
  • Links to our YouTube channel
  • Home learning in the Early Years

Ideally, we would like to include current photos of the children at play, during the routines of the day, or those used in our documentation.

This means that there will be photos of the nursery in action on our website, so we do really need to ask your specific permission to do this. To make this happen, please can we ask you to complete and sign the attached permission slip and return it to nursery as soon as possible.

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