News from Nursery School Room 2

We have had a busy Term in Room 2, with lots of thinking about new starts, new beginnings, and new life! Louise will soon be leaving the Nursery to have a baby, and we will welcome Teacher & Yellow Group Key-person Ella to our classroom! We also warmly welcome Muna and Faduma; to join our brilliant bilingual support team.

Tadpoles and Woodlice

We have been investigating the natural world! We have used two tanks to create habitats for Tropical Woodlice and Tadpoles… This has provided an incredible opportunity to observe closely and promoted much research and recording! We are so curious; our questioning and reasoning skills are developing every day: ‘What do tadpoles eat?’ ‘How many days before they grow legs?’ ‘How big can woodlice grow?’


As part of our Maths learning, we have been looking closely at Pattern. Staff have been learning about pattern and attuning to ways we can support children in noticing and creating their own. We have been asking questions; what defines a pattern? We are interested in the moment that placing and arranging, or mark-making, develops into pattern… Children show incredible awareness and depth of thinking; just take a look at some of our designs!


Mobilo construction remains a real fascination in Room 2! We have been simply astounded by children’s ingenuity and engineering. We have seen Transformers, trains, rockets, cranes, and so much more; each creation marks a mathematical journey through complex concepts – symmetry, tessellation, spatial awareness & reasoning. We have celebrated this learning in our very own Mobilo Book! What an achievement Room 2.


Concetta has been helping to support our confidence and skills around Woodwork this term, which has required deep concentration and growing risk-awareness. What purposeful, focused, and creative learning! Children have been so proud of their achievements, celebrating the skills they have been developing at Review Times, and taking their creations home.

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