We are so pleased to be welcoming in children and families.

It is really good to get to know you all and play and learn together.

Mobilo and Magnets

Children have been curious and creative and capitalising on the new resources.

Their learning has been full of mathematics and making links, collaboration, and critical thinking, designing and deep absorption, problem-solving and perseverance!

It’s been exciting to observe and support children’s exploration of patterns and connections, shape, space, and measures.

Block Play

Children have returned again and again to the blocks – so open-ended and full of possibilities.

We have been supporting children rotate and combine, arrange, and position as they build enclosures and stack blocks into towers.

Food and Fire

Our ‘Plot to Plate’ project continues with lots of playful and curious food exploration.

The children have been chopping, mixing, stewing, and baking apples – making delicious apple-porridge and mixing it with rhubarb from our raised beds!

We have loved using the fire again – feeling cosy now the rain has arrived!

Scientists and Storytellers

The torches have helped children learn about light and dark, how they can form shadows from all sorts of objects – especially themselves!

And as always children have been cuddling in close to share stories, listen and respond to storybook, and talk about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences as they turn the pages.

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