We are Curious! We are Scientists

Developing scientific enquiry is part of Curriculum Promises and we have delighted in exploring the weird and wonderful world of snails and all things slimy in the garden!

Careful observation of the snails’ head, tentacles and eyes, the whorl of its shell and trail of slime left behind by its foot has led to lots of questions, ideas, theories and speculation.

We have recorded children’s research through photographs, drawings and writing down their comments, questions and words.


Musicality and Reading

We have just had an INSET afternoon on Reading, Core Books and how important ‘sound play’ is to understanding children’s early reading journey.

“Tuning children’s ears” is what we are doing to help children get ready to read.

And musical sounds do just that.

We have been down to the Music Room to explore how we can make and change the sounds of instruments like guitars, chime bars, tambourines and piano.

Perhaps you have heard us! We have been playing louds sounds but also plucking, tapping and scraping instruments to listen closely.

We wonder what sounds you can hear and make?


Brrr! It’s Cold! Let’s Make a Fire!

We have been having fires everyday, enjoying porridge, toast and popcorn.

It’s so great to be together talking, singing and cooking together when the sun goes down and we can see the clouds our breath makes in the cold!

Belonging and Being in Nursery

Thea has been helping children get ready for their move to Nursery in January next year.

Lots of playful opportunities to be together in new classrooms, meeting new children and practitioners to become confident and well-versed in Nursery life.

Trains and blocks offer familiar resources to rely upon and ‘feel at home’ with – making those links to Early Years 2 experiences.

Marble run and Mobilo offer new chances to challenge and extend learning or collaborate together and delight in the sound and movement – the kerplunk! – of marbles crashing down through the tubes and channels of a marble run tower!

Thea will be helping children develop a sense of being ‘Green Group’ with a home-base and ‘nest’ in the Studio and playful opportunities with Imogen, Lydia and Chloe in Nursery 1.

Look out for Green Group family board in the Studio and Green Group peg pictures in Nursery cloakroom to help the children feel claimed.

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