CLINIC DATE: 27/3/21 LOCATION: Malcolm X Community Centre

People need to contact MXCC to register their names.

Contact details are: 0117 955 4497

• Anyone over 50 years old.
• Any adult who has an underlying health condition that places them in vaccine priority Groups • Any adult who has received a shielding letter.
• Any carers or front-line workers.
• Any adult who may not take up the vaccine through a GP practice, hospital, or mass vaccination centre (Ashton Gate).

• Anyone under 18 years old.
• Anyone who is pregnant.

Information required is:

Full name
Date of Birth
Contact number

Any one concerned about the information given, is not passed to Home Office or Immigration.
The vaccine will be the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine. You can also tell them that we will be back at MXCC for the second doses. If you get offered a second dose elsewhere however, you can choose to do this as well. Here is some guidance on bookings:

• Bookings for FIRST DOSES only please.
• Please record all personal details where possible.
• Please ask people to come on time.
• Parking may be limited so please encourage walking/cycling if possible.

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