We have now added lots of wonderful HOME LEARNING resources to our website.

These have been developed by members of our Leadership Team in collaboration with other Early Years Systems Leaders in Bristol and Early Years Specialist, and they also sign post you to other great websites etc.

You will see that the resources are simple and fun. They reflect a lot of our philosophy at St Pauls, and support the principles and key learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (birth – 5yrs).

I appreciate that finding time for extra things might be really tricky for you right now, as you perhaps juggle working from home AND supporting your school-age children’s remote learning, so please don’t put added pressure on yourselves.

These resources are here for when you might want them, and we hope they inspire you.

All the things around a child, for example home life, families, routines, the community, the seasons, the weather etc all bring such a wealth of learning experiences, but I think the thing to hang on to is that it is YOU that makes the biggest difference to young children’s learning.

It’s about having a present adult that notices things, chats and shows love and interest.

We are really missing doing that for every one of our nursery children right now.


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