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Our Friday Message – 21st June 2024

Essential Dates

Every Friday Morning – Garden Club – Come along to plant, dig, weed and grow!
Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th July – Summer Picnic, Parade and Song
Tuesday 23rd July – Nursery Term 6 ends/Last day of the Nursery Year

Tan Teddy Were Here

Thank you to Tan Teddy for singing, dancing, drumming, storytelling.

And to ALL OF YOU who sang and danced along to celebrate Windrush Day. A beautiful moment to share and enjoy together.

Thank you.

Summer Picnic – The BIG Breakfast!

All welcome! We are having a Summer Picnic Breakfast, full of food and family, a picnic and parade, celebration, and song!
Come along!

Please bring food to share, dancing feet and singing voices!

Tuesday 16th July and Thursday 18th July, 9:00am-10:00am

Inset Days for 2024-2025

Please note there are no more Inset Days this summer. Our next Inset Day will be on Monday 2nd September (all day).

Inset Days are an essential way we talk about children’s learning and progress, reflect upon and develop our practice and provision, connect and grow together as a team. We really appreciate your support with them. Thank you.

Please look out for all the dates on our website.

Help with Potty and Toilet Training – Independence and Confidence!

Summer is here! And it’s a great time to help children to use the potty and toilet. Toilet training is so important for children’s self-esteem and growing independence and ERIC is the national charity that supports children’s health in toileting.

There are great videos and advice.

Look out for another of our Toilet Training Workshops

Photo credit: Chris Bertram (Flickr)CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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