Friday Messages

Our Friday Message – 10th November 2023

Essential Dates

Tuesday 28th November – INSET – 12 midday closure
Monday 15th January 2024 – Primary School Applications 2024-25 deadline

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank you to all our families for your support on the Wednesday afternoon closure.

We recognise the inconvenience this causes and thank you for your patience, kindness and support. It remains a difficult time for the Early Years sector in terms of finance and budget, staffing and recruitment.

And thank you to all our amazing, creative and inspiring practitioners and staff across the whole centre for their dedication, commitment and resilience!


Can you come and spend a bit of time with us, supporting the children’s learning and experiences here? Would you like to come and read or help us visit the local library? Have you got green fingers? Or are you musical? Would you like to drive a van for our out-and-about experiences across the city? Robin would love to talk to you if you are able to offer the children some of your time!

Goodbye Em

It’s with much sadness we say goodbye to our incredible Em. She has been with us on our journey for the last 9 yrs and brought her brilliance, professional expertise, energy and passion to the very heart of St. Paul’s Nursery for the benefit of all the children, families and team. She is off to be a childminder! We wish her all the very best on her next adventure.

Pocketful of Toys

Children are loving to transport and carry resources around which is great learning. But sometimes pockets can prove useful carrying devices! Please can you make sure any resources that have managed to travel home are returned? Thank you!

Our Fab Admin team

Our brilliant admin team are the shining face of our Nursery and are keen to welcome you in, answer questions and help you. They are so super busy at the moment and are asking for your kindness and consideration, so please be patient and give them the respect and recognition they deserve. Thank you.

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